Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sub Leaders

So has anyone thought about what subdivisions we have this year? Laura's team leader, but the other stuff. Such as...:

Programming (I'm assuming this is Patrick anyways, way to go freshie!)

Any thoughts? Any at all?


Blogger Laura said...

As far as actually assigning things, we haven't gotten around to it yet. But making a list of potential 'jobs' is a start.
To expand your list:
Mechanics (will be subdivided further during the build season)
Programming (Most likely Patrick with Brandon as backup or whatever)
Pneumatics (I separated this because the pneumatics are quite a job)
Website (Kristine and Co.)
Spirit (Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Fairburn will be adult supervisors, but we need student involvement)
AutoCAD (and all that goes with that... I guess that's Jacob's job)
PR (Tom?)
Documentor (This includes photography, keeping track of meetings, inventory, etc.)

There are probably more categories, but it's 11:00, and I took the PSAT today... enough said.

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