Thursday, October 12, 2006

You Know You're In First Robotics When...

1) You see your team number somewhere, and you start chanting it out.
2)You get offended when people relate Battle Bots to FIRST.
3)Whenever you draw a circle, you happen to draw a triangle and a square with it.
4)Your team shirt is covered with more sponsors than a NASCAR car.
5)The first fifteen seconds after you wake up in the morning are Autonomous.
6)Instead of celebrating the New Year, you celebrate the beginning of the build season.
7) If you aren't winning trophies, you're making bets with your team members on what teams will win trophies.
8)You're one of the few people who can claim to have stayed past ten o'clock at your school on a Saturday night working.
9)You stand at least 10 feet away from anything that claims to be autonomous.
10)You think people look better with safety glasses on.
11)You know a program will not work the 1st, 3rd, 5th, or 17th time it's run.
12)You actually count the days until build season starts.
13)You celebrate if 80% of your robot is intact after the match.
14)You think of ways to make the code better for next year... during the off season.
15)Every time you hear the word "first" you think about the "good times".
16)Your team shirt has become part of your everyday wardrobe.
17)Your friends know not to call you between January and April because they know you're too busy to do anything else.


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